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    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Bamboo Stylus

    How does a Bamboo Stylus work?

    A Bamboo Stylus does not require any technical modifications to touchscreen devices based on the same touch technology. It was developed to simulate finger input on a capacitive multi-touch display while providing a smooth pen-like feeling with the comfort of balanced weight in your hand. Its pen tip is extremely responsive and smooth, so you can write and draw in a very natural way. It enables an authentic pen-like experience to express your ideas on your digital device with handwriting and sketches – simple and intuitive, just like on a piece of paper.

    What is new for the second generation of Bamboo Stylus solo and duo?

    For the second generation of Bamboo Stylus solo and duo, we did more than just create a fresh design with new, vibrant colors. We also further developed the writing and sketching feel: the most remarkable feature is the thinner pen nib, reduced from 6mm to 5mm diameter, making writing and sketching feel more accurate and authentic. We also reduced the weight of the pens by using aluminum as a basis material while maintaining the balanced in-hand feel and high durability standard.
    With a range of six chic color options, the Bamboo Stylus is a design statement: a stylish, clean shape with a soft-touch finish and polished anodized aluminum.
    For Bamboo Stylus solo, we integrated a smart cap that protects the pen nib during transportation and that, when attached at the rear end, can also be used to extend the pen to a comfortable length for writing and sketching.

    Will my Bamboo Stylus work with screen protection foils?

    Bamboo Stylus has a highly-sensitive pen tip that is designed to respond to a light touch on glass screens. Various screen protection foils are available on the market, most of which have different thicknesses and surface treatments. Therefore, you should expect a different stylus-on-screen feeling when using a Bamboo Stylus with a protective foil on the screen. In most cases, you will find that you need slightly more pressure to operate your Bamboo Stylus. For best results, we recommend using Bamboo Stylus without screen protection foil.

    Will my Bamboo Stylus work on a Bamboo pen and touch tablet with a PC?

    No, Bamboo Stylus is designed for touch-enabled screens such as an iPad. Please visit our website to learn more about using a Bamboo pen and touch tablet for your PC (

    Will my Bamboo Stylus work on all media tablets and touch-enabled devices?

    Bamboo Stylus is designed to support touch-enabled screens and therefore supports the native resolution of the individual touch input sensor. Although the majority of the latest media tablets and touch enabled devices provide a good user experience, they may still differ slightly depending on the hardware design of the device manufacturer. In some cases, you might experience a different response from the touch screen with a Bamboo Stylus than with a finger.
    The experience of using a stylus is also dependent on the application that you are using. We recommend using Bamboo Stylus with our Bamboo Paper app in order to achieve the best writing and drawing experience on your touch screen.
    In order to guarantee a satisfactory customer experience with a Bamboo Stylus on media tablets and touch devices, we have tested the experience of Bamboo Stylus on selected devices. The results of these compatibility tests for Bamboo Stylus are shown below.

    Compatibility List for Bamboo Stylus

    Device Tested Compatibility Remarks
    iPad (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation) and iPad Air Yes Support
    iPad mini (1st and 2nd generation) Yes Support
    iPhone 4 and 4S Yes Support
    iPhone 5 Yes Support
    iPod Touch (5th generation) Yes Support
    Samsung Galaxy Tab (1st generation) Yes Limited Support Suitable for navigation purposes only
    Samsung Galaxy Tab (2nd generation) Yes Support Drawing and writing results dependent on application used
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Yes Support
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Yes Support
    Blackberry Playbook Yes Not recommended for stylus usage
    Motorola Xoom Yes Support
    Amazon Kindle Fire Yes Support
    Sony S Tablet Yes Not recommended for stylus usage
    Sony Xperia Tablet S Yes Support
    Asus Transformer 2 Yes Limited Support Suitable for navigation purposes only
    Asus Nexus 7 Yes Support
    Acer Iconia Tab (A500) Yes Support

    Information on the usage with the iPad Air and the 2nd-generation iPad Mini ("iPad mini with Retina display")

    After performing tests on the iPad Air and the 2nd-generation iPad Mini, we found that the characteristics of their touchscreens have been slightly changed compared to previous iPad generations.
    This difference can be observed when using a capacitive stylus: A little more force needs to be applied when putting down the stylus on the screen of these iPad models.
    However, the functionality of capacitive styli remains unchanged, as there is no change in the general detection method of styli.
    Relevant for: Bamboo Stylus duo (2nd generation), Bamboo Stylus mini, Bamboo Stylus pocket, Bamboo Stylus solo (2nd generation), Intuos Creative Stylus

    Why is the pen nib of a Bamboo Stylus replaceable?

    Bamboo Stylus has a responsive soft pen nib that enables a smooth feeling while operating on the screen. As with writing and drawing on paper, you′ll experience some natural friction. In limited cases of very intensive use with strong pressure, you might notice some wear of the pen tip over time. We have implemented a smart concept that allows you to replace the pen nib in a simple and cost-effective way. Visit our Wacom eStore to learn more about the availability of replacement pen nibs.

    Which replacement nib can I use for my Bamboo Stylus?

      Soft nib with 6mm diameter Firm nib with 6mm diameter Soft nib with 5mm diameter
    Bamboo Stylus solo (1st generation) Yes Yes No
    Bamboo Stylus solo, 2nd Generation No No Yes
    Bamboo Stylus pocket Yes Yes No
    Bamboo Stylus duo (1st generation) Yes Yes No
    Bamboo Stylus duo, 2nd Generation No No Yes
    Bamboo Stylus mini Yes Yes No
    Bamboo Stylus alpha Yes Yes No

    Why are there two different types of pen nibs with 6mm diameter and how can I distinguish them?

    We know that our customers use Bamboo Stylus in very different ways. While most of our customers enjoy the immediate responsiveness of our standard soft nib and the benefit of using very light pressure to operate, there are some customers who appreciate a firmer pen nib to achieve better control of their pen strokes. We have therefore introduced a firm nib option for the Bamboo Stylus pocket and the Bamboo Stylus mini. It is also available as replacement nib for users of other Bamboo Stylus models. Please visit our Wacom eStore for more information about the availability.
    You can recognize the firm nib by a 2-dot marking on the top flat surface of the nib itself. There are two small dots arranged horizontally opposite one another on the edge of the nib. The standard soft nib has a flat top view surface without any markings.

    For Bamboo Stylus duo (first and second generation): What kind of ball pen refills does Bamboo Stylus duo use?

    A Bamboo Stylus duo uses a high quality standard ball pen mini cartridge with a 0.7mm ball point size and black ink color. Replacement refills in black and other ink colors are generally available from stores that carry ballpoint refills. Please make sure that the mechanical dimension of the refill purchased is as following: 67.2 x 2.3 mm (length x refill diameter). The following is a list of refills from popular brands that are compatible with Bamboo Stylus duo:

    • Mitsubishi SE-7
    • CROSS 8518
    • Pilot BRF-8F
    • LAMY M21


    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Bamboo Stylus feel and Bamboo Stylus feel carbon

    What is Bamboo Stylus feel?

    We developed the Bamboo Stylus range for state-of-the-art mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While the Bamboo Stylus works on all capacitive-based touchscreens (e.g. iPhone), the Bamboo Stylus feel works on devices which feature our built-in active feel IT technology for a precise and natural pen input.
    Please check here for the latest list of compatible devices:

    How does the Bamboo Stylus feel input work and why is it more precise?

    The feel range features advanced, active technology that communicates with a special sensor built into a number of mobile devices.
    With the combination of both active pen and sensor, very precise pen positions and fine grades of pen pressure can be detected. This provides the highest quality, most precise note-taking experience on the market.

    Do I need to install a specific driver to use a Bamboo Stylus feel with my device?

    No, each Bamboo Stylus feel works with all devices with built-in Wacom feel IT technology without any further installation required.

    How precisely does the Bamboo Stylus feel detect pressure?

    The Bamboo Stylus feel pen continuously detects and transmits the pressure you apply to the display of your feel technology enabled device. This information is then processed by the active feel sensor into super-fine pressure levels; the number of precision levels depends on your device and how the feel sensors and the device′s system software are implemented. Most devices can differentiate up to 512 pressure levels (and some even more). To find out how many pressure levels your device supports, just have a look at its documentation. The number of levels supported may also depend on the application you use.

    How does the side switch on the Bamboo Stylus feel work?

    The Bamboo Stylus feel has a switch button on the side of the pen body whose function is usually preset by the application you are using. You can often customize this function inside the application; please check the application and system software documentation to see whether it is possible to customize the switch button and how it can be done.

    Why are there soft and firm nib options for the Bamboo Stylus feel?

    In order to give you the most authentic feel while writing and drawing on screens, you can choose between two kinds of pen nibs, which can easily be exchanged based on your preference. The soft nib consists of a combination of rubberized and firm material which allows for very smooth on-screen operation. The firm nib option allows you to write with firmer direct feedback or especially on screens that have a textured protection foil.

    On which devices does the Bamboo Stylus feel work?

    The Bamboo Stylus feel works on devices that have our Wacom feel IT technology built in.
    Please check here for the latest list of compatible devices:
    In general, the integration of feel IT technology will vary slightly depending on detailed hardware configuration and system software installed. For this reason, we make sure that only tested devices are shown on the list of compatible equipment. We continue testing feel-enabled devices and will update our compatibility list on a regular basis. Other devices that have not yet been included on the compatibility list will still work with the Bamboo Stylus feel, but there is a certain likelihood that the pen-on-screen performance will be slightly different to that of the pen included in the product package. The difference can usually be observed in a small offset of the pen positioning as compared to the pen that comes with the device.

    Why is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not listed in the Bamboo Stylus feel compatibility list, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 is listed?

    With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the integration of our feel IT technology has been adjusted to fit its specific hardware configuration. The main difference in this case is the geometry of the active feel sensor, which leads to a clearly perceivable offset of the pen position. For this reason, we have already verified that the Bamboo Stylus feel does not work in the same way as the pen included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 package.

    Will the Bamboo Stylus feel work on all capacitive touchscreens?

    No, our Bamboo Stylus feel range will only work with feel-enabled devices. For other (capacitive) touchscreens, please use a Bamboo Stylus with a rubber tip.

    Will Bamboo Stylus feel work on other Wacom products?

    Our Intuos, Cintiq and Bamboo tablet products have been specifically designed to record creative expression, meaning that they apply a different pen technology thoroughly tailored to creative needs. The Bamboo Stylus feel will not work on these products.
    Selected models from our Wacom business solutions line-up are based on our feel IT pen technology. We are currently testing them and they will be added into the compatibility list once the results are available.
    Older devices based on Wacom pen-enabled technology will work with the Bamboo Stylus feel as the technology is principally compatible with feel IT pen technology. However, there are some differences in the sensor integration, so you may experience a different pen-on-screen performance from case to case. The difference can usually be observed in a small offset of the pen positioning as compared to the pen that comes with the device.

    Bamboo Stylus