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    Manga Tutorial Videos

    Your perfect manga from start to finish

    This series of manga tutorials will show you how to draw a perfect manga in fourteen easy video lectures. Painted by a professional manga artist, you will learn the most important steps to paint a great manga figure. Starting from a blank canvas, the videos will take you through every part of the workflow and show you tips and tricks to make your art look professional.

    You can follow the lectures and practice your skills in manga drawing. Simply download this template and start creating your perfect manga.

    These tutorials are drawn with manga Studio Debut 4, the standard in manga and comic illustration. This software is included in the Bamboo Manga edition.

    1. Document Setup
    Document Setup
    Get to know your workspace and prepare your blank canvas before starting to draw.
    2. Character Layout
    Character Layout
    Start sketching your character and learn the most important steps towards getting your proportions and shapes right.
    3. Refined Layout
    Refined Layout
    Turn your first sketch into a refined layout with more details towards a more accurate drawing. Learn how to use the layer opacity function to get a smooth workflow.
    4. Cleanup 1
    Cleanup 1
    Get to know the draw curve tool that is essential for clean and nicely shaped lines. This will give your manga drawing a professional look.
    5. Cleanup 2
    Cleanup 2
    Finalise your character and learn how to make your character look more dynamic using different line strengths.
    6. Hair
    See how to draw manga typical hair and how to use the Lasso tool to correct small sections.
    7. Eyes
    Learn the essential steps to draw typical manga eyes. Add reflections to give more expression and glow to the eye.
    8. Face
    Get to know the right proportions in a manga face, and see where to position the nose and the mouth for a balanced look.
    9. Chain Effect
    Chain Effect
    Use the pattern brushes that allow you to save a lot of time drawing your manga.
    10. Colouring
    Start adding colour to your drawing and find out how to configure your colour palette for your workflow.
    11. Adding Shadows
    Adding Shadows
    Learn how to create depth in your drawing by adding shadows. See where to place darker colours to get a realistic look.
    12. Adding Highlights
    Adding Highlights
    Apply lighter colours to add highlights to skin and clothes, and place them depending on your predefined light source so your shadows and highlights look professional.
    13. Highlight Details
    Highlight Details
    Add another layer of highlights and shadows to your colouring to create a realistic look. Use the opacity function to adjust your highlights until you get the best result.
    14. Lighting Effects
    Lighting Effects
    Use the curve tool to get more contrast into your drawing, especially on the edges. The glow effect will add the last finishing touches to your perfect manga drawing.

    Bamboo User Gallery

    Great Manga artwork from our dear Facebook fans. Click here to open the Bamboo User Gallery.

    A talented artist and winner of the "Pimp my Character" contest with Animania

    Watch the video and learn more about SenjoVal, the artist who drew our manga key visual.