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    What are the key new features and improvements of Intuos5?

    As with all our product lines, we always strive to listen closely to the needs of our customers. The same goes for the new Intuos5. Based on user feedback, we know that comfort, control and productivity are key to our Intuos product line. So we have concentrated on improving the user experience even further with Intuos5.

    • Multi-touch surface – improve productivity or speed navigation with touch. Intuos5 touch tablets support standard Windows and Mac gestures that customers already use everyday. In addition, it′s easy to speed up the workflow by customizing three, four and five finger gestures for application-specific modifiers and shortcuts.
    • Express View display – stay focused on creative work with this new feature. With one touch of the new capacitive ExpressKeys, customers can quickly tell how their application-specific keys are set. This time-saving feature also enables customers to access and change settings.
    • Wireless capability – customers can enjoy the freedom of working when and where they want by adding the optional Wacom Wireless Accessory kit. This is the same accessory that is also available for two Bamboo tablets (CTH-470 and CTH-670).
    • Design – with its ergonomic design and clean new look, the super-slim Intuos5 allows users to work in complete comfort. The matte-black finish with soft-touch surface and illuminated accents reflect a modern and durable design.

    What is the target group for Intuos5 professional pen tablets?

    Intuos5 is targeted to our traditional base of Digital Content Creative pro customers, both the professional and creative enthusiasts. These artists work in multiple industries including photography, graphic design, illustration, product design, fashion, automotive, and others. They demand professional tools that work reliably with precision and accuracy as a seamless part of their workflow every day.

    What are the products in the Intuos5 line?

    There are four products in the Intuos5 line and each comes complete with a Wacom Grip Pen, stand and replaceable nibs; and software installation CD:

    • Three Intuos5 touch small, medium and large pen tablets, (PTH-450, PTH-650, PTH-850)
    • One Intuos5 medium pen tablet, (PTK-650)

    How do customers choose the size best for them?

    Choosing the right size tablet is a personal choice depending how the customer plans to use it. The most popular size is medium. Some sketch and drawing artists prefer the large tablet because it offers more space to draw freehand lines. Those with limited space or that need a tablet for mobile use may prefer the small one.

    Why not offer an Intuos5 XL?

    XL tablets are typically used for specific applications and are niche products. Thus, we found that touch functionality would not give an extra benefit in these niche applications and therefore focused on the sizes where touch is beneficial.

    Why replace the OLED displays with Express View?

    Although the OLEDS in Intuos4 were a major improvement over blindly operating an Intuos3 tablet, we′ve improved the customer experience even further. By observing customers, we learned that each time they looked down at the OLED displays to check their settings they lost time. It interrupted their workflow. By replacing the OLEDs with the new Express View display customers can stay focused on their work. With one touch and one glance at the screen they know the status of their application specific settings without distractions.

    Why touch?

    Touch improves the workflow mainly by enhancing the ease of navigation. We′re seeing customers use it in ways they never expected as part of the creative process. The precision and control of the pen combined with the natural and intuitive nature of touch is powerful and will drive richer experiences and results.

    What is the touch technology used in Intuos5 touch pen tablets?

    The technology we use is a proprietary Wacom technology. It allows Wacom to design the best touch experience required in the creative workflow.

    For Bamboo 2nd generation Wacom introduced multi-touch for the first time. How does the multi-touch experience compare between Bamboo and Intuos5?

    The professionals and enthusiasts that use Intuos5 touch demand precision and control. Unlike Bamboo, you can customize three, four, and five-finger gestures to fit your workflow and creative needs. Customers will experience smooth, intuitive and natural touch with both Intuos5 touch and Bamboo. Both support standard Windows and Mac gestures that customers already use.

    How does multi-touch with Intuos5 work with Windows 7 and Mac OS? Will it work with Windows 8?

    Customers can use all the standard Windows 7 and Mac 6.X gestures, almost all of the Mac Lion gestures and more on their Intuos5 touch tablets. They can even customize three, four and five finger gestures to fit into their own workflow. Intuos5 will support Windows 8 when it′s released.

    Will the multi-touch gestures also work with Mac OS X Lion?

    Yes, customers using Intuos5 touch with Mac OS X Lion can use gestures they use every day as well as those they customize for their workflow. At this time, Intuos5 touch does not support double-tap lookup.

    What applications does Intuos5 support as standard from multi-touch perspective?

    From a multi-touch perspective, Intuos5 touch supports the standard Microsoft applications (including Windows Photo viewer) and Apple as well as the main applications from Adobe, Corel, Autodesk and AmbientDesign (Art Rage). The main Internet browsers are also supported. Since Wacom is continuously expanding gesture capabilities in a number of applications, please regularly consult for updated information.

    How does pen and touch work together?

    Pen and touch work in an exclusive mode (non-simultaneous) only. Thus customers can either use gestures or the pen, but not both at once. The tablet recognizes when the pen is in its reach and pen input overrides touch input. The tablet is designed this way so customers don′t accidentally execute a gesture while using the pen.

    How does the Express View work and is it programmable?

    With one touch of the new capacitive ExpressKeys, a heads up display immediately appears on the screen showing all of the ExpressKey settings. Similarly, touch the Touch Ring to see the current settings. This time-saving feature also enables customers to access and customize their settings for any application.

    Does the Express View replace the radial menu?

    The Express View display complements the radial menu. It does not replace it.

    Why are the corner markers illuminated?

    To make it easier to see the active area while working, Intuos5 includes illuminated corner marks. Customers can adjust the brightness level depending on their personal preferences.

    Why do all of the Intuos5 tablets have a wireless option?

    Wireless is ubiquitous in our lives. Many users have different workspaces, e.g. freelancers who have their own desk and a desk in an agency. They want to work when and where they want. To address this need we designed Intuos5 so it′s convenient, easy and affordable to add wireless capability with the optional Wireless Accessory Kit.

    Does Intuos5 work alongside Cintiq products?

    Yes, many professionals use both a Wacom Intuos tablet and a Cintiq interactive pen display. Depending on the type of work they′re doing they′ll use one or the other. Even if a customer uses a Cintiq for their primary work they may choose to use an Intuos when travelling.

    What can I do with the colour rings?

    With an Intuos5, customers can use a variety of pens. The colour rings help to differentiate one pen from the other. Basically, there are two main scenarios for the rings. First, if you use different pens with unique settings, use the colour rings to identify one pen from the other. Second, in surroundings where several people share a workspace, the rings are a way to individualize one′s own pen.

    Which software is bundled with the Intuos5?

    For customers entering the professional world of Intuos we offer different software bundles, depending on their region. Basically, we give users a choice of software they need in addition to the Intuos5. Thus we have created our software download programme and also offer different packages regionally. Generally speaking, typical examples of software include: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter Sketchpad and Autodesk Sketchbook Express.

    What is Wacom′s approach to become more sustainable and environmental friendly?

    Wacom continues to look for ways to reduce its environmental impact whether at our offices worldwide or in our packaging. With the Intuos5 packaging we′re using compostable bamboo inner tray and recyclable materials while reducing the amount of packaging. This all adds up to less environmental impact.


    Where can I buy Intuos5 products?

    All Wacom products are generally available through popular retail stores and an extensive network of dealers. In addition, customers can buy online either through the Wacom e-store or through leading retailers. This may vary from country to country. To find the nearest location in your country, please go to


    Which accessories are available for Intuos5 products?

    With Intuos5, customers have a full solution to choose from. All accessories have been designed to enhance their creativity and lifestyle. The accessory options include pens and nibs, surface sheets and carrying cases as well as the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit.


    Accessory pens: all include a pen stand, an assortment of replacement nibs, and nib removal tool. These are the same pens available today that support Cintiq 21UX (DTK), Cintiq 24 HD and Intuos4.

    • Art Pen: our most popular accessory pen provides rotation and the feel of flat brushes, markers, calligraphy pens and other natural media tools. Use it with either a round or chisel point nib. Application software support required.
    • Classic Pen: designed for those that prefer a thinner pen, it is an alternative to the standard Grip Pen.
    • Inking Pen: capture drawings on paper as well as on your computer using this versatile pen with both an ink cartridge and nib.
    • Airbrush: experience the benefits of using an airbrush with this pen. Application support required.

    Carrying cases: designed to protect the tablet while carried from place to place, these soft zippered cases with built-in storage for pens are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.


    • Wacom Mouse: for those that want to use a mouse on their Intuos5 tablet. Also compatible with Intuos4.
    • Wacom Lens Cursor: the extremely accurate Wacom Lens Cursor is the ideal tool for digitizing CAD/CAE applications and when using CAD template sheets with the Intuos5 Large (PTH-850). It is also compatible with Intuos 4 large and XL (PTK-840 and PTK-1240)


    • With the Intuos tablets there is a full complement of nibs to match the activity. Nib selection is personal. From talking with customers we′ve learned that everyone has their own preference even for the same type of work.

    Surface sheets (Intuos5 only)

    • Transparent surface sheet: popular for tracing, these easy to replace sheets are available only for Intuos5 medium (PTK-650).
    • Black surface sheet: when it′s time for a clean surface these easy to replace sheets are available only for Intuos5 medium (PTK-650).

    Wireless Accessory Kit

    • Customers can enjoy the freedom of working when and where they want by adding the optional Wacom Wireless Accessory kit. This affordable accessory also works with two Bamboo tablets (CTH-470 and CTH-670) Available in most countries and through the Wacom e-store.

    Do the Intuos4 pens work with the new products? What about the replaceable pen nibs?

    Yes, all five of the Intuos4 pens (Grip Pen, Classic Pen, Art Pen, Inking Pen, and Airbrush) are compatible with the Intuos5 tablets as are the replaceable pen nibs.

    Why does Wacom recommend replacing nibs? How frequently?

    Nibs wear with use just like traditional media - pencil, charcoal, and pastel or any tool - used on a textured surface. This is normal. In fact, to avoid wear on the surface sheet, the nib is intentionally designed so it′s softer than the sheet. This wear occurs faster or slower depending on the smoothness of the surface, hours of usage, the type of nib and the amount of pressure applied when used.
    We encourage customers to protect their investment and avoid scratching their tablet by replacing the nib before it is worn to a sharp point or gets too short:

    What is the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit and how does it work?

    The Wacom Wireless Accessory kit consists of three parts: the wireless module, a rechargeable battery and a wireless USB receiver. To install, turn over the tablet and slide open the door(s). Install the battery and insert the module into the respective slots. Slide the doors shut. The wireless module is visible from the tablet side showing the battery status LED and power button. Insert the wireless receiver into a computer′s USB port. Connect the USB cable to charge the battery. Once it′s charged, disconnect the cable and the wireless connection will establish automatically.

    Which Intuos5 products are compatible with the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit?

    All Intuos5 and Intuos5 touch tablets are compatible with the wireless accessory.

    Which technology is used for the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit? What are the advantages of this technology?

    It is RF with 2.4 GHz solution. RF offers a number of advantages over Bluetooth for both Mac and Windows users: it′s easy, features an immediate pairing process, avoids compatibility issues and eliminates the installation process while providing good performance with little power consumption.

    Intuos4 Wireless is a Bluetooth solution. Why is Wacom now using RF instead?

    While Bluetooth works seamlessly on the Mac, Windows users may sometimes experience challenges with a complicated set-up. RF enables us to offer a plug and play experience without any set-up.

    How long does the battery last when fully charged?

    Battery life depends on the several factors: the Intuos5 tablet model, the applications and the intensity of use. To conserve battery life set your LEDs to low or off. Expected battery life is:

    • Intuos5 Medium – 19 hours
    • Intuos5 touch Small – 10 hours
    • Intuos5 touch Medium – 9 hours
    • Intuos5 touch Large – 6 hours

    How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

    In only 3.5 hours the battery charges up to 85% of the full capacity. To fully recharge an empty battery takes less than 6 hours.

    Can the user continue to work during recharge?

    Yes. When the USB cable is connected, wireless is switched off. The battery starts to recharge and the tablet works in USB connection mode.

    Can USB wall chargers be used for recharging?

    Yes. Use a standard USB wall charger with 5 Volt output and the USB cable that ships with Intuos5 to connect the tablet to the charger. The tablet will operate normally.

    Where is the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit available for purchase?

    All Wacom products are generally available through retail and an extensive network of dealers. In addition, many online retailers offer our products as well as our own Wacom e-store. Nevertheless, this may vary from country to country. To find the nearest location in your country, please consider our website or contact us for more information.

    Service and Support

    Can customers replace the surface of their tablets?

    Replaceable surface sheets are provided only for the Intuos5 model without touch (PTK-650). The surface sheets
    for Intuos5 touch are not customer replaceable so we offer a factory-provided replacement service at a nominal price.

    What has Wacom done to address pen nib wear?

    To address the nib wear that some customers previously reported, we introduced a new active area surface overlay with Intuos4 in January 2010. Intuos5 has this same proven overlay sheet. When Intuos4 had originally been introduced in 2008 some customers told us that their pen nibs were wearing faster than expected when compared to previous versions of the Intuos pen tablets. This active area surface sheet is also available as an accessory for Intuos4 at
    As with traditional media such as pencil, charcoal, and pastels, any tool or pen used on a textured surface will wear after continuous use, including the Intuos nibs. This is normal as the nib is intentionally designed to be softer than the surface sheet to avoid wear on the sheets. This wear occurs faster or slower depending on the smoothness of the surface, hours of usage, the type of nib and the amount of pressure applied when used.

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