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    What are the main benefits of the Cintiq interactive pen displays?

    There are many benefits of these Wacom displays including:

    • Highly intuitive (creativity) and ergonomic experience (productivity)
    • Natural, direct on-screen drawing
    • Wide screen LCD displays and full HD resolution
    • Best in class pen experience
    • Best quality IPS LCD panels for wide viewing angles and no colour shifting
    • Great colour accuracy and wide colour gamut
    • Workflow advantages with user-assignable ExpressKeys, Touch Ring or Touch Strips and radial menus
    • Simultaneous pen and touch for new possibilities in the digital workflow (Cintiq 24HD touch)

    What are the products in the Cintiq line?

    To provide the tools that creative professionals need, there are four products in the Cintiq line. Each comes complete with a Wacom Grip pen and stand, replaceable nibs, power supply, video and USB cables, software installation CD, and Quick Start Guide:

    • Cintiq 24HD touch (DTH-2400): Wacom′s flagship product designed to provide the total creative experience with simultaneous pen and multi-touch control and high end, professional colour performance.
    • Cintiq 24HD (DTK-2400): for those that want a generously sized workspace with advanced display quality and ergonomic comfort.
    • Cintiq 22HD (DTK-2200): replaces the Cintiq 21UX (DTK-2100) with the traditional Cintiq experience and a full HD resolution display.
    • Cintiq 12WX (DTZ-1200W): offers a natural on-screen drawing experience in a compact, lightweight design.

    How can customers choose the Cintiq best for them?

    All Cintiqs have been designed for creative professionals to enhance creative freedom and increase productivity. The on-screen experience allows for a natural digital workflow. All of these Cintiqs – the Cintiq 24HD touch, the Cintiq 24HD and the Cintiq 22HD – offer:

    • Wide screen and full HD display with viewing angles of 178°
    • Time-saving ExpressKeys, Touch Ring / Touch Strip and Radial menus
    • Flexibility to fit each customer′s workflow with different ways to interact with the screen

    The Cintiq 24HD touch and the Cintiq 24HD offer a large 61 cm (24") display that ideally supports large-format work. In addition the Cintiq 24HD touch offers multi-touch allowing quicker access to files and more easy ways for users to zoom, pan, rotate and navigate. Combined with the natural control and feel of Wacom′s pressure and tilt-sensitive pen, this allows for an even more natural workflow.

    For the most colour-critical workflows, the Cintiq 24HD touch offers life-like colour, displaying a full 97% of the Adobe colour gamut, and over one billion colours. It also sharesthe ergonomically designed display stand with the Cintiq 24HD that allows professionals to quickly reposition it into in a variety of comfortableworking positions supporting long working hours.

    The slightly smaller Cintiq 22HD follows the footsteps of the Cintiq line, featuring a 54.5 cm (21.5") high definition display, ExpressKeys and the traditional Cintiq rotating stand.

    Product specification and features

    What are the key new features and improvements of Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD?

    Based on user feedback, the focus for the new Cintiq product line has been on improving the user experience even further on the following aspects: comfort, control and productivity.

    Cintiq 24HD touch:

    • Multi-touch control. Pan, zoom, rotate and navigate at the touch of your fingers (Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.5.8 or later).
    • Life-like colour. The Cintiq 24HD touch displays 97% of Adobe RGB colour gamut and 1.07 billion colours
    • Wide format, 61 cm (24") HD Display with extra wide viewing angle. Innovative ergonomic stand. The Cintiq 24HD touch adjusts quickly to a variety of ergonomic working positions.
    • The drawing surface keeps cool, you are able to adjust the temperature of your display with variable fan control.
    • RGB LED backlighting and Wacom′s Colour Calibration Software allow you to fine-tune your colour performance.
    • Free USB port to connect external devices
    Cintiq 22HD:
    • Wide, full HD resolution LCD display. Extra wide viewing angle
    • Completely removable display stand, rotation up to 180° left / right, incline 10°/ 65°
    • LED backlight for improved brightness and contrast ratio
    • Free USB port to connect external devices

    How does the colour quality of the Cintiq displays compare?

    Designed for customers with a colour critical workflow, the Cintiq 24HD touch has life-like colour quality with 1.07 billion colours, 97% Adobe′s RGB colour gamut, and 14 bit 3-D look-up table (LUT). To take advantage of the full functionality, customers need to use the DisplayPort.
    Similarly, the Cintiq 24HD has an excellent colour gamut with 92% Adobe RGB, improved gradients and other enhancements.
    The Cintiq 22HD is rated at 72% Adobe RGB and will satisfy most professionals.

    Since colour gamut is a complex issue please consult an authoritative source for more information.

    What are the benefits of using the pen and multi-touch together (simultaneous pen and touch)?

    Working with the Cintiq 24HD touch closely replicates the experience of working with two hands when using traditional materials such as paints, markers and clay while giving the artist powerful capabilities that only exist in today′s creative software applications. The ability to manipulate a 3D model or pan, zoom and rotate an image with one hand while simultaneously sculpting or sketching with the other delivers a completely natural experience enabling artists to stay completely in their creative zone." Support of simultaneous pen and touch is software application dependent. Wacom works closely with developers to ensure wide-spread support.

    What are Wacom gestures (My Gestures tab) and why would I want to use them?

    Wacom′s 3,4 and 5 finger gestures have been designed to fit specific needs of Wacom users, mainly improving their productivity. They are automatically available in Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later. In Windows, select "Use Wacom Gestures" on the touch options tab. Download the Wacom Gesture Guide from for more information. Using Wacom gestures with both Cintiq 24HD touch and Intuos5 touch users can:

    Function Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5.8 Mac OS X 10.6 Mac Lion
    App Expose       Yes
    Expose     Yes  
    Flip 3D Yes      
    Mission Control       Yes
    Show/hide desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Show/hide on-screen keyboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Show radial menu Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Show settings Yes Yes Yes Yes

    What about custom gestures (My Gestures tab) and why would customers want to use them?

    To meet individual workflow preferences users can create their own shortcuts by customizing gestures or by using those that Wacom recommends. It′s similar to setting up custom ExpressKeys. For example, one time-savings gesture could bring up Painter and Photoshop shortcuts such as Show/Hide all panels. Customization depends both on the operating system and the application that the customer is using. If using Windows 7 and later, customizable gestures and Wacom Gestures on My Gestures tab are only available when customer checks "Use Wacom Gestures" on the touch options tab.

    What is the touch technology used in Cintiq 24HD touch pen display?

    The technology used is a proprietary Wacom technology that′s also used in Intuos5 touch. It allows Wacom to design the best touch experience required in the creative workflow.

    What are the benefits of the Wacom Color Calibration software included with the Cintiq 24HD touch and how does it work?

    Professionals with colour critical workflows, such as photographers, graphic designers, video and film editors, animators, and game developers will benefit from using the Wacom Color Calibration software to calibrate the display. By using this software, customers are assured that their colour is stable. It calibrates both the user-modifiable internal look-up tables (LUT) and sets the color profiles of the video card.Additionally, customers can use it to set a target white point, brightness, contrast, color space, and etc. as well as adjust settings including the custom LUT.

    How can customers get software updates for the Wacom Color Calibration software?

    If and when updates occur, Wacom will post the information on and other media.

    What colour calibration tools do you recommend? Does DDC/CI work with these?

    Colour calibration tools from several manufacturers support the Wacom Color Calibration Software as listed below. In addition, allCintiqs work in a manual mode with most colour management systems. As with other computer peripheral products, support for the Cintiq 22HD, Cintiq 24HD and Cintiq 24HD touch depends on specific software companies. Please contact the colour calibration vendors directly to confirm that their products will work with both these Cintiqs. Note that these pen displays have a USB hub on the top left of the display to make it easy to attach a colorimeter or other device. DDC/CI is a method for digital communication between a computer and a display. Color management software often uses this protocol to automate colour calibration.

    Windows Mac
    • X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Display V2
    • X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Monitor, iOne Pro
    • X-Rite ColorMunki.(Photo/Design)
    • Monaco OptixXR (X-Rite DTP 94)
    • ColorVision/Datacolor Spyder 2
    • Datacolor Spyder 3/4
    • X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Display, V2
    • X-Rite/GretagMacbeth iOne Monitor, iOne Pro
    • X-Rite ColorMunki. (Photo/Design)
    • Monaco OptixXR (X-Rite DTP 94)
    • ColorVision/Datacolor Spyder 2
    • Datacolor Spyder 3/4

    What is the difference between a LED and RGB LED?

    The RGB LED used in Cintiq 24HD touch provides highly accurate and vivid colour as compared to a standard white LED used in other professional displays. Specifically, it has a broad color gamut, improved uniformity, true white points, and a brighter display.

    What are the benefits of the Display Control Software that comes with the Cintiq 24HD touch?

    Designed as an integrated part of the Cintiq 24HD touch, the Display Control Software provides an easy way to control every feature of this display. Through this easy-to-use wizard users have a wide range of functionality from the ability to accurately emulate colour spaces such as Adobe RGB and sRGB, to performing printer output emulations using ICC Profiles and an internal 3D look up table.

    How physically warm is the screen of the Cintiq 24HD touch display?

    The physical temperature of the display varies depending upon the temperature in the work environment (ambient temperature) and the brightness setting.

    Is the fan speed of the Cintiq 24HD touch adjustable?

    To offset the temperature of the display, customers can adjust the fan so it matches their preferences through the on-screen-display, OSD, on the Cintiq 24HD touch.

    How much parallax does the Cintiq 24HD touch have?

    Parallax is the distance from tip of the pen on the top of the screen to the surface of the display. Depending on the individual′s viewing angle there can be a perceived difference between the location of the pen tip and the cursor. To minimize this, calibrate the Cintiq 24HD touch displays for the user′s viewing angle and right or left handedness. The calibration utility can be found in the "Wacom Tablet Properties".

    Do the Cintiq products support Thunderbolt?

    The Thunderbolt standard is not supported. The Cintiq 24HD touch supports DisplayPort instead for best colour performance.

    Software compatibility

    What type of multi-touch support is available in creative applications for Cintiq 24HD touch?

    Customers working with software that supports multi-touch in Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later will benefit from Cintiq 24HD touch. Additionally, those using Corel′s latest Painter™ 12.2 update will experience all the benefits of advanced touch and pen support in a natural and intuitive way. Multi-touch support varies by operating system and software application used. Wacom is working closely with developers to ensure wide-spread support.

    *Note: If using Windows 7 and later, customizable gestures and Wacom Gestures on My Gestures tab are only available when customer checks "Use Wacom Gestures" on the touch options tab.

    Will multi-touch with Cintiq 24HD touch work with Windows 8?

    Cintiq 24HD touch will support Windows 8 when it′s released. For the full benefits of simultaneous pen and multi-touch, customers will want to upgrade their software as it becomes available.

    Do these Cintiqs work with Linux based applications?

    Customers who work in a Linux environment can use these Cintiq displays. Although multi-touch with Cintiq 24HD touch is more limited in functionality than when used with Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later, the driver will be available in a few months. Please check at the following third-party webpage to download it:

    Which applications support digital canvas rotation?

    Applications supporting canvas rotation include: Adobe® Photoshop CS5 and CS6 (Mac only) and Corel®, Painter™. Please check with your specific software vendor for up-to-date information about digital canvas rotation.

    Which products include rotation?

    All new Cintiqs include rotation, but in different forms: the multi-touch feature on the Cintiq 24HD touch allows the user to experience the most advanced form of rotation. Using gestures, they can not only activate digital canvas rotation while also using pan and zoom to easily control the canvas.

    The Cintiq 24HD touch has a Touch Ring which can be set-up to activate canvas rotation in supporting applications. The Touch Strips on the Cintiq 22HD can be used for digital canvas rotation or can be physically rotated up to 180 degrees in either direction.

    What is the advantage of on-screen digital canvas rotation and traditional display rotation?

    In supporting applications digital canvas rotation combined with multi-touch allows the user to not only rotate, but also to quickly switch to panning and zooming the canvas. In addition, when using digital canvas rotation, the user interface does not rotate so all menus and on-screen items remain easy to read. Physical display rotation replicates the real-life experience of using rotation, for example the way that a person drawing on a sketchbook might rotate the actual paper. However, physical rotation means the user interface rotates, too. Thus menus may be hard to read.

    In use

    How similar is the multi-touch experience for Mac and Windows?

    On Macs with (OS 10.5.8 or later), multi-touch is similar to that of the magic trackpad. Basic gestures such as pan, scroll, zoom and rotate all work on the Cintiq 24HD touch. Although Windows 7 supports multi-finger finger gestures, the multi-touch experience in Cintiq 24HD touch depends on the software application. Only some Windows 7 creative software applications have integrated two-finger gestures such as canvas rotation, zoom, and pan. There is no multi-touch support at all with earlier version of Windows such as XP or Vista.

    Why does placing a hand on the Cintiq 24HD touch display sometimes cause lines to be drawn, how is this avoided?

    To avoid accidental touch, first check to ensure the mouse handedness is set correctly under options in the Wacom Tablet Preferences. Second, hold the pen so that when you place your hand on the tablet, the pen tip and your hand arrive on the screen at nearly the same time. Otherwise the software interprets the palm as a touch and makes a mark on the canvas.

    Does the multi-touch function of Cintiq 24HD touch work just by connecting to a PC/Mac?

    Yes, out-of-the box, customers can navigate using standard one and two-finger Windows 7 or Mac gestures in supporting applications.

    How does the multi-touch experience compare between Cintiq 24HD touch and Intuos5 touch?

    The primary difference is you work directly on the screen with the Cintiq while you work indirectly with the Intuos5 touch. Thus when you touch an object on the Cintiq you can drag it immediately unlike with the Intuos5 touch. With both products, you can customize three, four, and five-finger gestures to fit your workflow and creative needs. Customers will experience smooth, intuitive and natural touch using standard Windows and Mac gestures to which they are accustomed with both products.

    Will the surface of the Cintiq displays scratch?

    With proper care and maintenance, the display surface will stay in good working condition. Change nibs frequently before they are either worn down or to a sharp point.Do not use the flex nibs on any of the Cintiq displays since they are designed for Intuos tablets.
    To be able to deliver the optical quality and the smooth drawing surface, the Cintiq 24HD touch features an anti-glare (AG) film on the glass surface of the display. To protect the display, users should avoid the felt or flex nibs and observe the cleaning advice given in the user′s manual. Then, the display will stay in good working condition.

    How do you recommend cleaning the display surface?

    To clean the display screen, use an anti-static cloth or a slightly damp cloth. When cleaning, apply only alight amount of pressure to the display screen and do not make the surface wet. Do not use detergent to clean the display screen; this may damage the pen display screen. Damage of this kind is not covered by the manufacturer′s warranty.

    Can I lock the arms on the Cintiq 24HD and 24HD touch stand in more than one position?

    There is only one locking position for the arms. Most users find that additional locking positions are not needed since the angle of the display can be adjusted separately and the height of the display can be further adjusted by using the fold-down "feet" located on the back of the display.

    How do I remove the stand from the Cintiq to mount it to an articulating arm? Are there specific arms that you recommend?

    Please consult the Cintiq 24HD manual for instructions on how to remove the stand. Any VESA standard articulating arm that meets the MIS-E 100/200 (6 screw) specification and is rated for more than 13.7 kg should work. Please consult the arm manufacturer for more information.

    Price and Distribution

    Where can I buy Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD pen displays?

    All Wacom Cintiq products are generally available through an extensive network of dealers and VARs. In addition, customers can buy online either through the Wacom e-store or through leading retailers. Availability varies by product and country. To find the nearest location in your country, please go to the dealer search at


    Which accessories are available for Cintiq interactive pen displays?

    With both Cintiq 24HD interactive pen displays and Cintiq 22HD, Wacom offers customers a range of pens and nibs to enhance the user experience.


    Accessory pens: The pens available today all support Intuos4, Intuos5 as well as Cintiq 21UX (DTK), Cintiq 24HD and the new Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD. All pens include a pen stand, an assortment of replacement nibs and the nib removal tool. The following pens are available:

    • Art Pen KP-701E-01: our most popular accessory pen provides rotation and the feel of flat brushes, markers, calligraphy pens and other natural media tools. Use it with either a round or chisel point nib. Application software support required.
    • Classic Pen KP-300E-01: designed for those that prefer a thinner pen (a smaller diameter barrel), it is an alternative to the standard Grip Pen.
    • Airbrush KP-400E-01: experience the benefits of using an airbrush with this pen. Software application support required.
    Please note: first generation Intuos4 pens (those without "-01" used in the product code) will not work on the Cintiqs so we replaced them with the "-01" pens. They are differentiated by the Wacom logo near the eraser. The original pens have one Wacom logo while the correct "-01" pens have two Wacom logos.


    • With the Cintiq pen displays there is a full complement of nibs to match the activity. Nib selection is depending of the kind of work that is done and on user preferences.
    Note:the Hard Felt Nib and the Flex Nib should not be used with the Cintiq 24HD touch as they will cause scratches on the display surface.

    Do the Wacom Intuos5 pens work with the new products?

    Yes, four of the Intuos5 pens (Grip Pen, Classic Pen, Art Pen, and Airbrush) are compatible with the Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 24HDand the Cintiq 22HD.

    Why aren′t the hard felt and flex nibs supported on the Cintiq 24HD touch?

    To keep the Cintiq 24HD touch display in working condition, do not use either the hard felt or the flex nibs. Dust will accumulate under the nib and scratch the screen.

    Why does Wacom recommend replacing nibs? How frequently?

    Nibs wear with use just like traditional media - pencil, charcoal, and pastel or any tool. Maintain pen performance and protect your Cintiq by replacing the pen nib before it is worn to a sharp point or gets too short:

    Service and Support

    How long is the warranty for Cintiqs?

    Wacom warrants the product, to the original consumer purchaser, except for the software and consumable items such as the pen nibs, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of three (3) years, from the date of original retail purchase, as evidenced by a copy of the receipt and registration with Wacom.

    How do I repair my unit if it is defective?

    Contact Customer Care in your region. Please see for contact information.

    What happens if the display scratches? How can a customer get this repaired?

    Contact Customer Care in your region. Please see for contact information.

    What are the quality standards for the Cintiq displays (dead pixel policy)?

    Each interactive pen display LCD panel is produced under very stringent quality standards. However production techniques cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect display, and some panels may exhibit a certain number of sub-pixels that show an incorrect color. See the Important Product Information guide for more information.

    Who can I contact for additional support?

    There are many sources for Wacom support from technical FAQs and videos posted online, support forums, and Customer Care agents. Please see for contact information.


    Do the Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD displays include mercury?

    Since the Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD use LED backlight technology, they are both mercury free.

    What material is the tablet part of the Cintiqs made of? Does it include latex?

    Materials used in the Cintiq product line include silicon for the ExpressKeys, plastic and rubberized paint on the top case. It does not include latex.

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