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    Absolute Positioning

    Traditional input devices like a standard PC mouse offer only relative positioning: When the mouse reaches the edge of the mouse pad, the on-screen cursor needn′t be at the edge of your monitor screen as well. But Wacom tablets operate with absolute positioning: The entire active area of your tablet represents the entire monitor screen – place the pen in the lower left-hand corner of your tablet and the on-screen pointer will move to the lower left-hand corner of your monitor. Wacom tablets, however, offers relative positioning as well. Also, because of a very low frequency electromagnetic field under the active area of the tablet the pen doesn′t need to be dragged like a mouse but hovers over the tablet surface. This means, the moment you touch the active area with your pen tip you′re already performing a left mouse click.

    Active Area

    The Active Area is the area of the tablet where input tools are detected.

    Application-specific settings

    Tools and tablet settings of professional Wacom products that have been customised for individual applications. The control panel enables you to program a tool to behave uniquely in different applications. Your application-specific settings are in effect whenever you use the application, because the driver detects the active application automatically. – Also see "Tool buttons".

    Biometric Signature Verification

    All of us have our own style of handwriting and biometric signature verification software can be used to accurately identify the user. This makes it possible to control access, for example, or check the validity of electronic documents and transactions. By using the pressure-sensitive Wacom tablet and the appropriate software, both an exact (static) image of the signature as well as the signature′s biometric (dynamic) characteristics can be captured while writing. The writing speed, acceleration and pressure are all analysed as the user writes.


    All Wacom input devices are battery-free and without cables. Actually the tablet itself supplies the input device with the necessary power by electromagnetic induction in order to operate.

    Document Annotation

    With the help of document annotation software, a Wacom tablet can be used to add notes, comments and even free-hand drawings to word processing documents and presentations. Thanks to the pen, users can write and draw as if they were working on a normal sheet of paper.

    Double-click assist

    This option in the control panel makes it easier to double-click with the pen tip. When selected, you can customise the double-click speed and distance.

    DVI Video Port

    DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface, a digital video connection that provides a high-speed digital connection between a computer and its display device like the PL-display range for optimal data transmission at highest possible output quality.

    Electronic Handwriting Recognition

    Using the appropriate software, electronic handwriting recognition automatically converts your handwritten text into printable characters and words and transfers them into the currently opened application. A pressure-sensitive graphics tablet serves as the input device. Tablet PCs also come with a digital pen, which means users can enter text in their own handwriting.


    In order to increase your efficiency, the Cintiq and Intuos feature the ExpressKeys and Touch Strips or Touch Rings which allows you to reduce keyboard usage and to concentrate on the Cintiq and Intuos as you main working tool.
    The ExpressKeys have the most important menu commands already preset, but are freely programmable by yourself. The Touch Strip is perfect to scroll and zoom in your documents. Both programmable elements are located on each side to suit both left- and right-handers equally.
    To cut a long story short: the interaction between pens, ExpressKeys and Touch Strips / Touch Rings minimises keyboard usage, accelerates your workflow and enhances your efficiency and productivity.


    This is the control wheel on the barrel of the Intuos Airbrush. As opposed to a real airbrush valve the finger wheel doesn′t return to zero on release but remains at the last position thus ensuring that the release of digital ink is kept constant.

    Gesture Recognition

    In the fields of pen computing and handwriting recognition, the term "gesture" is used to describe some of the user′s entries. Particular commands can be activated by a simple movement of the pen, which makes it very easy to perform tasks such as navigating on the desktop, scrolling, deleting, operating browser features or using Copy and Paste.

    Lens Cursor

    The Lens Cursor is an input device with programmable buttons and a cross hair lens for entering precise coordinate position information.


    The mapping defines the aspect ratio between the vertical and horizontal dimension of the tablet or display. The Mapping tab in the Wacom driver defines how the tablet area is mapped to the display area. This setting determines if the aspect of the tablet and display are the same. It also determines if a 1:1 scale will be maintained between the tablet and display.


    The replaceable tip of the Wacom pens or Airbrush.

    Pen technology

    Wacom′s patented cordless and battery-free pen technology gives you a high-quality and reliable product, which requires minimal maintenance. This technology guarantees exceptional product quality from the world market leader of pen based input solutions.


    Watch for the Penabled logo to ensure you′re getting the natural feel and superior performance of Wacom′s patented cordless and battery-free pen technology.


    This feature of the Wacom pens and eraser senses the amount of pressure being applied. This is used to create natural-looking pen, brush, and eraser strokes in applications that support pressure-sensitivity. You can precisely control opacity, colour, exposure, or line width while creating smooth curves and gradual transitions. Different applications take advantage of pressure sensitivity in many ways, depending on the application′s capabilities.


    The Quick Point Mode divides the tablet into two independent areas: a large area for drawing and a small area for quick navigation. This feature is especially useful for large tablet sizes since even simple navigation usually results in full arm motion. With the smaller QuickPoint area you can navigate with a single sweep of your wrist.


    This feature, e.g. of the Airbrush tip and eraser, senses the amount of tilt between the tool and tablet. This is used to create natural-looking pen, brush, and eraser strokes in applications that support tilt-sensitivity.

    Tool Buttons

    All buttons and switches of any Wacom pen or mouse can be configured individually with your favourite short cuts. This special feature allows for individual programming of really any task, command or shortcut in any computer software. This way you can speed up any application by having your most frequently used commands or shortcut virtually at your fingertips.

    Tool ID

    Tool ID is an intelligent system that allows additional Intuos and Cintiq input devices to be personalised to the software of your choice. Every input device has a unique electronic identification so even multiple users can each have their own tools personalised to work the way they prefer on a shared system. If you are working with two identical pens, the tablet will recognise each one as a separate tool. This is particularly useful if you have customised each pen differently. In applications, which support the Tool ID, the brush or pen will change automatically just by changing the input device.

    Transparent Overlay

    Originals – which need to be traced or ′digitised′ with your Wacom tablet – can be held in place thanks to the Transparent Overlay. Additionally this plastic overlay is slightly roughed up to come closer to the feel of real paper.

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